Prism // Iris of Reality [U-MON002 // U-MON088] (Monarch Unlimited) Unlimited Normal

Prism // Iris of Reality [U-MON002 // U-MON088] (Monarch Unlimited) Unlimited Normal

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Set: Monarch Unlimited
Edition: Unlimited
Finish: Regular
Type: Hero // Weapon
Subtype: Young // Orb (2H)
Rarity: Token
Class: Light Illusionist // Illusionist
Life: 20
Intellect: 4
Once per Turn Instant - [2 Resource], banish a card from Prism's soul: Create a Spectral Shield token. (It's an Illusionist aura with "If your hero would be dealt damage, instead destroy Spectral Shield and prevent 1 damage that source would deal.")
During your action phase, Illusionist auras you control are weapons with 4 [Power] and ""Once per Turn Action - [3 Resource]: Attack. Go again""

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