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Road to Nationals 2024 - Heavy Hitters Booster Draft
Flesh and Blood

Draft your way to victory and earn your place in this year's Nationals!

**Event will start at 12:00PM sharp so please arrive on time! We cannot add you to the pod once draft begins**

Entry fee: $45 (event is capped to 32 players). Doors open 11:30AM.

Format: Heavy Hitters booster draft. 6 rounds of Swiss with cut to top 8. Each player will draft twice, plus third draft for Top 8.


Top 4 players receive Nationals 2024 Entry Qualification

Top 8: 1x Rainbow Foil Hero Promo Card each

1st Place: 1x Random Drop Gold Cold Foil Card (Common or Rare or Majestic) + 1x Playmat

2nd Place: 1x Playmat


We do not accept any returns or exchanges for our products. Thank you for your understanding!